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gal·li·vant·ed , gal·li·vant·ing , gal·li·vants also gal·a·vant·ed or gal·a·vant·ing or gal·a·vants 1. Gallivant definition, to wander about, seeking pleasure or diversion; gad. See more. Trotting, or prancing- Could be in a violent or rambunctious manner. Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old black woman who was an EMT before being brutally murdered by 4 plain clothes policemen who forced entry into her house under a "no-knock" warrant after midnight. Gallivant definition is - to travel, roam, or move about for pleasure. How to use gallivant in a sentence.

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For all you closeted folk out there in Flickr land who see girls like me galavanting around in the real world looking fabulous & carefree in our photos, it's not  An unprecedented city-wide near daily installation of works in New York established a new high-water mark in the BSA Galavanting, The New Year and You. With multiple bus routes and metro stations around the hotel, you can get to crash for a nap or after a night of galavanting one of Germany's greatest cities. Curvaceous around. The sentinel cloves. You wonder about desire. How it can be found. Delicate as rose water.

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I like using the word “galavanting” and don’t get many opportunities to use it. Meanwhile, as you read this, I am galavanting around northern Arizona playing tourist. I know the northern part of the state fairly well now.

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Post navigation. Previous. Next. When I returned to the UK for round two, I 2011-06-02 · Galavanting Around. with 2 comments. Sorry for slacking a little bit on our blog.. We have been very busy trying to spend our last few days with all the Galavanting Around Well as the title suggests the last 2 months have been crazzzy for us, but so much fun!
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jaunty hats . Mera chevron_right  2018-jun-19 - Red red wine ya make me feel so fine Galavanting around wineries in Cape Town was Defo one of my fav things from this trip! So far  Instagram: “Hi Cleo and thankyou for coming home and playing house with your brother while I am away and your father is off galavanting around Hamilton…”  Just a little galavanting around on white sand beaches in HOUSTON!!

22 synonyms for gallivant: gad about, wander, roam, run around, ramble, rove, range,  “Your father and your uncle Asa and Bill off galavanting around and fighting when they ought to be protecting their home!” more synonyms like this ▽  GADABOUT, 125.
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Delicate as rose water. Or frank as coriander so I can buy one but I forgot to do it since we were so busy touring around. use the room to sleep then galavanting & touring the area all day is the purpose.

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You can't just gallivant around all day—you have to get some work done too. gallivant around. To wander in search of fun or pleasure. You can't just gallivant around all day—you have to get some work done too. See also: around.

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Gone Galavanting (. 7. 1. 282 | Luke & Dan's Gap Year Fishing Across America 53:32. Play Pause.

(You Can't Just Go) Galavanting Around  Rookie hedonist. Galavanting artist. Nature Composure: Finding wonderland nearby. .